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Plastic Surgeon

You are interested in information regarding surgery to correct a contour problem of the neck. This is usually an excess of fat in the neck and jowl area.

Suction removal of fat has been found to be beneficial for many patients not ready for a full face-neck lift, or not wanting to undergo the extensive surgery of a face and neck lift.

The benefits of suction removal of fat of a localized area such as the neck compared to a formal face lift usually include small incisions versus the more extensive incisions required for a face lift; decreased chances of complications that while rare, could occur. These include bleeding, skin problems, widening of scars, etc.

Please be aware that suction removal of fat, while less complicated than a face lift, does carry certain risks. Serious problems have not been seen in Dr. Capuano's experience.

What has been seen has been residual fat in the area, unevenness and/or irregularities in the areas treated for which secondary 'touch up' surgery has been indicated.

Some patients notice firm "cords" in the neck area following surgery. These may be somewhat noticeable, and may be persistent. These are bands of muscle that are present in the neck. You can see such bands of muscle in thin models and actresses. These bands can be changed by other procedures if they should be a problem.

Although severe problems and/or complications have not occurred to date, the possibility is always there for these to occur.

If you decide to go ahead with surgery, this procedure is usually done as an in the office or as an ambulatory surgery procedure. This means you will have your surgery and be able to go home the same day, provided you have someone to stay with you at home for at least 24 hours if you have sedation.

You may be able to have your surgery done under a local anesthetic with sedation, or you may want to have a general anesthetic (go to sleep). Following surgery, you will have a bandage in place. This bandage should remain clean, dry and on until you are seen in the office, or until instructed otherwise.

You will experience various degrees of black and blue. There will be some swelling. Numbness is noted for a few days to a few weeks. Usually the area of numbness is small and gets smaller over time. This is an expected consequence of surgery, and resolves in time.

If you should experience a sudden onset of discomfort, marked increase in swelling and/or increasing temperature, call the office. You will usually be given prescriptions for medications for swelling, discomfort, and in some cases an antibiotic.

You should eat a soft diet, i.e. no vigorous chewing. We advise that you drink liquids, (soups, juices) during the day after your surgery. After your first office visit, you may gradually resume your regular diet.

At the time of your first office visit, the dressing will be removed. You will notice firmness in the area, and it may be irregular due in part to the dressing.

You will be advised regarding post op care. You will be seen in the office periodically following your surgery. Mostly special desolvable sutures are used and there is no need for suture removal.

Photographs will be taken before, possibly during and after your surgery.



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